Social Security Assessments


Did you know that Social Security is a major source of income for 70% of retired Americans and that on average Americans receive around $625,000 from Social Security in retirement income.

Here at Infinity Tax & Financial Planning, through a preliminary analysis of your Social Security benefits, It is not uncommon for us to uncover up to $200,000 in additional Social Security benefits. How is this possible? What most people don’t realize is that there are a myriad of options for when and how you can elect Social Security. The difference between a good decision and a not-so-good decision can literally leave $100,000 or more on the table. Unfortunately, the calculations required to make an optimal choice are too complex to do without sophisticated software. And the employees at the Social Security Administration are unable to give you advice about your options. So the reality is many people get this decision wrong.

We at Infinity Tax and Financial Planning have a tool that can help you get it right.

Your Social Security Timing report would look at your unique situation, analyze thousands of possible election options, and give recommendations for how you can maximize your Social Security benefits and retirement income.

When and how you elect Social Security may be the most important decision you make about your retirement, and we are committed to helping you get this decision right.

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